Latest News in Nigeria Today : Saturday 17th October 2020

Latest News in Nigeria Today Saturday 17th October 2020

These are the Latest News in Nigeria Today on Saturday 17th October 2020 .

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SARS, not our problem

By Emeka Obasi Sixty-gun salute to young Nigerian professionals for waking up to responsibilities. I gave up on them long ago as a crowd of spineless souls whose sole interest lay in worldly things that offered no future. And then this End-SARS bang. They have added oxygen to my soul. I want to breath, IRead More
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Sperm count zero: Why men are increasingly becoming infertile

Sperm counts have dropped over the years. What used to be regarded as “normal” sperm count is going down. Even the World Health Organisation, WHO, and other reputable health bodies are aware that men are increasingly becoming infertile. Male fertility is declining to the extent that men are today half as fertile as men ofRead More
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Duties of the father to his children

By Francis Ewherido Fatherhood goes beyond the ability to get a woman (wife) pregnant. Fatherhood goes with continuous and enormous responsibilities. One, the father is the leader of his household. To be an effective leader, there are three domains of leadership in which every father must play. They are the ability to lead self, theRead More
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SARS and Nigerians’ favourite sin: IMPUNITY

By Tony Eluemunor It is very easy to miss the tragedy showcased by the most unexpected “Nigeria #ENDSars” protests that sent shook the country recently. Thus, the right lessons that should be learnt from that uprising may remain unlearnt. My African fiction teacher at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, the late Prof Chinua Achebe, wroteRead More
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EndSARS: Our Joshuas are now awake

By Dr. Ugoji Egbujo #EndSars could be the best thing that ever happened in Nigeria. The youths have risen to become political vigilantes. For so long, our youths had laid back, and partisan politics that knows no virtues had held the country by the scruff of the neck and dragged it backwards. EndSars could beRead More
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China set to pass legislation to counter US tech restrictions

China is set to pass a new law that would restrict sensitive exports vital to national security, expanding its toolkit of policy options as competition grows with the US over access to technologies that will drive the modern economy. China’s top legislative body, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee, is expected to adopt the measureRead More
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Liverpool boss Klopp hails ‘outstanding’ Mo Salah

It has been an unsteady start to the campaign for Liverpool, especially after their surprising defeat to Villa. But Salah’s form has been exemplary in the games so far. Since joining Liverpool, he has 78 goals and 28 assists from just 112 league games. Speaking in his press conference on Friday, Klopp admitted that heRead More
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Wole Soyinka publishes new novel

By Uzor Maxim Uzoatu It is cool by me to let out this news item as a World Exclusive: Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka will publish his long-awaited third novel this year. Let’s not forget that Soyinka published his last novel, Season of Anomy, way back in 1973, that is 48 long years ago, if myRead More
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NIGERIA-BIAFRA WAR: J. P Clark’s exit from the casualties living list 

By Chukwuma Ajakah Africa’s literary legend, Professor Emeritus, John Pepper Clark-Bekederemo (1935-2020), physically exited the stage on October 13, leaving volumes of miscellaneous works that cut across diverse genres, graphically portraying Nigeria as a geographical entity in a parlous condition. The poem, “The Casualties” is about the most popular among the legendary writer’s protest writings.Read More
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Why Trucks are killing more Nigerians

By Evelyn Usman Globally, injuries from auto crashes are among the leading causes of death. Back home in  Nigeria , they are rated the third leading cause of overall deaths, with a report of over 39,000 deaths of Nigerians recorded every year, according to the World Health organization. In the 2018 Global Status Report onRead More
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