Nigeria news today headlines : Friday 8th September 2023

Nigeria news today headlines : Friday 8th September 2023

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Nigeria Newspaper Friday 8th September 2023

Int’l Literacy Day: How Edo Is Building The Foundation For Sustainable, Peaceful Society

For over 80 children of school age in Kolokolo community, the establishment of Kolokolo Primary School signifies the beginning of their learning journey. For the broader local community, it meant jobs, progress and development. Mrs Osarogiagbon Isokpan, the Education Secretary of Ikpoba-Okha local government area, where Kolokolo is located mirrored the community’s excitement with the

EKOEXCEL: Transforming Literacy And Numeracy In Nigeria – A Commendable Journey

In commemoration of the 2023 UNESCO International Literacy Day, observed on the 8th of September under the theme ‘Promoting literacy for a world in transition: Building the foundation for sustainable and peaceful societies,’ we celebrate the transformative journey of EKO Excellence in Child Education and Learning (EKOEXCEL) in Lagos State, Nigeria. This programme, initiated by

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