Nigeria news today headlines : Sunday 2nd July 2023

Nigeria news today headlines : Sunday 2nd July 2023

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Nigeria Newspaper Sunday 2nd July 2023

Appraising 2022/2023Nigeria Premier League

 Like the popular posi­tion taking by majority of football stakehold­ers in the country, the abridged season adopted by the Interim Management Commit­tee (IMC) for the Nigeria Pre­mier League (NPL) last season came as a child of necessity. The format adopted by the IMC may not understandably be the norm in world football but given the

Agbo Areo (1940-2023): ExitOf Nigeria’s Bookmaster

 “Books are the carriers of civilisation. With­out books, history is silent, literature dumb, desire crippled, thought and speculations at standstill.” – Barbara W Tuchman, Harvard University History Professor. Few men and women, out of the thousands, I have known, have left me feeling intellectually infe­rior and also lacking in wisdom as the late Mr. Agbo

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