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Nigeria news today headlines : Friday 3rd March 2023

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Nigeria Newspaper Friday 3rd March 2023

I’ve Done So Much For Nasarawa People In Less Than Four Years – Sule  

Abdullahi Sule, the governor of Nasarawa State, in this interview with MICHAEL DAVID, speaks on his achievements, what he would do for the state in another four years, among other issues. Excerpts  Can you talk about your achievements in the state in the past four years?  You know that even what happened in the last

As Controversy Over Presidential Election Rages 

JOY ANIGBOGU  It is true that the 2023 presidential election which took place on 25th February has come and gone and a president elect has emerged, but the dust generated has remained, and some Nigerians believe that the election is surrounded by so much controversies, and cannot be accepted by the generality of Nigerians.  Among

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