Nigeria news today headlines : Sunday 11th December 2022

Nigeria news today headlines : Sunday 11th December 2022

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Nigeria Newspaper Sunday 11th December 2022

Biden Called Gay Marriage ‘Inevitable’, Soon It’ll Be Law

A decade ago, then-Vice President Joe Biden shocked the political world and preempted his boss by suddenly declaring his support for gay marriage — one of the country’s most contentious issues — on national television. But not everyone was surprised. A small group had attended a private fundraiser with Biden weeks earlier in Los Angeles

Economic Crisis Increases Number of ‘Israeli Spies’ In Lebanon

Lebanon has registered the highest number of arrests on charges of dealing with Israel over the past three years. Security forces have arrested 185 people suspected of collaborating with Israel since the beginning of the economic collapse in 2019. The new figures highlight a remarkable increase compared to previous years. More than 100 people were

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