Nigeria news today headlines : Saturday 15th February 2020

Nigeria news today headlines : Saturday 15th February 2020

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Zimbabwe Police Fire Teargas As Court Rules On Opposition Leader’s Case

A court in southern Zimbabwe on Friday halted proceedings after police fired teargas outside to disperse supporters of an opposition politician facing subversion charges, a party official and lawyers’ group said. The court was making a ruling on a request by Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) deputy national chairman and lawmaker Job Sikhala to drop […]

‘Ghost’ Ancestors Found In West African DNA

Scientists examining the genomes of West Africans have detected signs that a mysterious extinct human species interbred with our own species tens of thousands of years ago in Africa, the latest evidence of humankind’s complicated genetic ancestry. The study indicated that present-day West Africans trace a substantial proportion, some 2% to 19%, of their genetic […]

South Africa Must Fix Its Public Finances- Ramaphosa

South Africa must fix its strained public finances and procure more renewable energy quickly to address a power crisis, President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Thursday. Ramaphosa acknowledged in an annual address to parliament that growth had stalled, exacerbating high levels of unemployment and increasing hardship for millions of citizens. But the speech was short on […]

Zuckerberg Backs Digital Tax That Could Boost Facebook’s Bill

 Mark Zuckerberg for the first time said he supports efforts to create a global digital tax that would ultimately raise the amount Facebook Inc. pays to foreign countries, in a move that may boost efforts to put a new levy in effect by year-end. The tech giant’s chief executive will tell world leaders gathered at […]

Serbia, Kosovo Sign US-Brokered Rail, Road Deals

Serbia and Kosovo on Friday signed US-brokered deals on restoring railway and highway links. The deals were signed during an international security conference in Munich, Germany, according to Richard Grenell, US President Donald Trump’s envoy in the talks. A separate deal on resuming air links was signed last month. “Agreements on air, rail and highway connections […]

Nigerians The Only Problem of Nigeria- Bishop Sam Zuga

One of the most respected Clergymen in Nigeria, Bishop Sam Zuga of both House of Joy Ministry, and Samzuga Free Medical treatment while addressing stranded Nigerian youths living in Dubai revealed that Nigerians are the only problem in Nigeria. He also encouraged them to come back home, join forces with him to make the country […]

Xi’s China Faces ‘Crisis Of Chernobyl Proportions’

The coronavirus outbreak in China has raised questions about the concentration of powers at the top of the Chinese party-state system. Long before it became synonymous with a viral outbreak, the central Chinese city of Wuhan had been at the heart of some key political events in the country’s modern history. It was where an […]

French Oscars aAcademy Promises Reforms After Polanksi Row

France’s Cesar Academy, which awards its version of the Oscars, was in crisis Friday after its entire board resigned, overwhelmed by a series of rows that have infuriated both women’s activists and industry insiders. The mass resignation came two weeks ahead of the their gala awards ceremony and just days after more than 200 leading […]

Ice Rink Adds Pleasure To Winter Leisure Activities

The People’s Open-air Ice Rink with a roof in the shape of a wave on the banks of the Taedong River is a favourite haunt of Pyongyang citizens. “Winter vacation ended at schools, but the number of visitors never dwindles,” said Ri Kwang Ok, a service office staffer of the ice rink. The customers wear […]

ICNA Gives Away Meals To Homeless In New York City

:A prominent Islamic charitable organization distributed hot meals among hundreds of homeless people in New York City on a cold Thursday afternoon. Pakistan’s Consul General Ayesha Ali and her deputy, Naeem Cheema, joined hands with dozens of volunteers of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), and gave away food packages to the homeless who […]

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